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Welcome to VYC Tees!!

About Us

  Hello Martin C. and Mike M. here, CEO and COO. An educator/journalist/screenwriter and an AmeriCorps Volunteer/Sound Guy/Soc Media tinkerer. Often we discuss a wide range of topics but the main focus has been voting, the mindset of those who vote, and the disparities involved. Never being ones to be passive, we wanted to have an impact and so VYC Tees was born!

Mission Statement
   "To remind the general public to approach voting with an open mind and open heart. To vote your conscience."

No less than 10% of all profits will be donated to various literacy, voting rights, journalism, mixed media, and charitable causes. We aim to document this journey and keep you updated via social media. We'll continue our volunteer work in inner city Los Angeles as we have for over 10 years working through non-profits. Also expand to teach classes in more local High Schools and branch out to partnering with more causes and charities. We'd love to actually start co-designing a few shirts and giving a portion back to that Partner as an ongoing fundraising effort.

Our Inspiration
Where did all the real R.I.N.O.s (Republicans In Name Only) go? When you listen to the works of Abraham Lincoln (who imposed the first federal income tax it becomes very clear, he was a liberal. When you listen to the works of Thomas Jefferson it becomes very clear, he was a liberal. When you revisit the works of John Adams, again a liberal. Great change comes from reformation, it comes from revolution, it comes from forward thinking. Liberal in and of its self means free. People who are free to challenge what is. To challenge even their own ideas of freedom. The only constant is change. Using Abraham Lincoln as our icon, we will ask people to re-examine this great Republican liberal. Through his example, this website hopes to encourage the re-examination of the issues we hold most dear, no matter your political party.

Our T-Shirt Printing Process
At VYC Tees we use Direct To Garment Printing (DTG) to produce your high quality orders. In this process, a digital image is printed directly onto a garment and is absorbed by the fabric. No cheap peeling artwork to worry about.

Note: Depending on the payment processor you select, the charge on your bank statement will either read VYC Tees or CONVERSHIRT.

VYC Tees   -Founded Oct 2018-