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Return Policy

We strive to make sure each and everyone of our customers has a pleasant and enjoyable experience with us. Hopefully, very few of you will have to view this page but here's our guidelines.

*Notes* If you purchase multiple items, they may arrive in more than one shipment in our effort to get them to you as fast as possible. Men's sizes run 1 size big. So if you're normally an XL or 1X, please order a Large for a more comfortable fit, as stated on all Product pages. If there is still a fine layer of clear film over the design don't be alarmed. Just wash it in cold water.

Each and every item we print is made to order just for you. What this means is we don't keep inventory on hand and are able to get most orders out in under 24 hours. Because of the speed orders are processed, we do not allow cancellations of orders once they have already been printed. Be sure to contact us immediately if you need to cancel.

We make every effort possible to ensure your items will be produced at their best quality. We offer a money-back guarantee on products that do not meet our high quality standards.

We will offer a credit to your account, or a replacement item free of charge, if one or more of the following occurs:

  • Incorrect Size or Style: If the garment printed on does not match that of our order page
  • Printing Error: If the finished product is misaligned by more than one-inch (1.0") off center from the provided measurements
  • Incorrect Printing: The finished product artwork differs from the artwork supplied to us
  • Missing or Damaged Garments: If your item was not delivered in a timely manner, or the garment was ripped, torn, or damaged
Returns Without Cause
Due to the customized nature of our products, items cannot be returned that were correctly printed and delivered to our customers.